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About The Karmann Chronicles

The Karmann Chronicles is the publication of the Karmann Ghia Club of North America. A subscription to Karmann Chronicles is a free benefit of KGCNA membership, and is available to non-members (or to members as back-issues) from the KGCNA regalia Coordinator for the paltry sum of $6, post-paid. Members receive their copies via first class mail (within the United States.)

The Karmann Chronicles is a first class magazine, second to none in print quality. Its format is 8.5 X 11, saddle stitched, and is printed on semi-gloss, #80 paper, and has an outer jacket sealed with a sticky-dot to protect its full color, offset print inside cover. (The images you see of the Karmann Chronicles in these web pages are scanned in copies of the actual covers.) Thus far, all issues have been 16 pages or more, except Volume 1 number 1, which was only 12, but had two color images!

The content is pretty good too, with a wide range of regular columns, and interesting features. Regular columns include:

How to submit an article:

The Karmann Chronicles Editor will be delighted to accept submissions for publication. You may make your submission electronically, or in paper form. Email should be sent directly to the editor, while paper submissions (photographs, etc) should be sent to the Club address.

The Karmann Chronicles needs your input in a number of areas. In addition to the regular columns which are shared (noted "submissions welcome" above), we are activly soliciting for a number of other regular columns, including:

We are sure there are other topics too. We are open to any and all suggestions and cute name ideas for columns are another wonderful plus. Maybe you don't want to write a regular column. That's OK, we need the occasional odd story, perhaps about a particular accessory, or what-have-you.

And, don't forget about classified ads...

Please note, that the Karmann Ghia Club of North America Copyrights all of its materials. In order to not inhibit submissions, a resolution was passed by the Board which addresses submission ownership. Simply put, by submitting material, the submission becomes the property of KGCNA, and of the original author. The original author is free to do with their original materials what they will, but may not actually reproduce any published mater from the Karmann Chronicles without first obtaining permission to do so. (ie, re-typesetting is OK, photo-copying isn't.)

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