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The KarmannGhiaClub e-mail list...

The KarmannGhiaClub E-mail list permits Karmann Ghia enthusiasts world-wide to communicate with each other in near real-time. As of March 30, 1999, the email list has aproximately 500 Karmann Ghia enthusiasts, from Europe to Australia, to the Philipines, this list is broad-reaching.... Join us!

Since KGCNA sponsors this list, membership in KGCNA is desired, but not required for participating on the e-list.


By posting to this list, all posters acknowledge that all materials they post to this email list are copyright by both the original author and The Karmann Ghia Club of North America (KGCNA). Original authors and KGCNA may republish materials so copyrighted, but for others, no use is permitted beyond private, non-commercial reference under the fair use doctrine. Any use of materials sent via this email list beyond those stated herein require authorization, in writing, by either KGCNA or the original author.

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What is the Karmann Ghia Club email list?

The e-list is a collection of e-mail addresses managed by KGCNA. When a user sends an email to the list-address, the message is forwarded to all list members, so everyone getst to see the same post. Someone can ask a question about, say, bodywork and everyone gets a copy. Those who wish to reply generally reply to the whole list, and everyone benefits from seeing how one person resolved the question. In this way, the whole community is served.

What rules and guidelines govern the use of the KGCNA e-list?

The KarmannGhiaClub e-list is a no flame email list.  It is perfectly alright to "attack" ideas, concepts, "data", or other conceptual things, but it is never acceptible to attack a person. For example, saying, "I feel this idea you have is wrong" is OK. But any derogatory remarks about the person are not permitted.

Off-topic posting is discouraged, but we realize that sometimes we feel the need to discuss other issues. We have established the standard that off-topic posting will stop upon the first request that it stop - sent to the list, not the administrator.

KGCNA list moderators, list administrators, or the list owner may decide whatever reaction is appropriate and such action is not up for debate and discussion on-list shall not be tolerated. KGCNA reserves the right to moderate, sensor, or remove any list member for any reason.

When are posts sent?

There are two possibilities. You can subscribe to the list "live" - all messages are sent to everyone immediately. The delay is only as long as the mail queue and network latency and should not be long. 'Digest mode' is also available in which a collection of messages is sent as a single email to those who request it.

How do I post to the list?

The posting address is simply: KG@KarmannGhia.org


Using The Web Interface


Subscribing and Un-Subscribing to the "Live" E-list:

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How do I change my email-address or choose list options?

Simply visit this web page - where you can update and modify your subscription options:



Using The Email Interface

You may opt to use an email interface instead of the World-Wide-Web to manage your subscription(s). Here are the directions for doing so.

The basic concept is that you email a particular email address and send commands inside that message. Send your command emails here:


When forming your commands, use the keywords outlined below. In the descriptions that follow, please note that words in "<>"s signify REQUIRED items and words in "[]" denote OPTIONAL items. Do not include the "<>"s or "[]"s when you use the commands.


The following commands are valid:


confirm <confirmation-string>

Confirm an action. The confirmation-string is required and should be supplied by a mailback confirmation notice.


Stop processing commands. Use this if your mail program automatically adds a signature file.


Print this help message.


Get information about this mailing list.


See a list of the public mailing lists on this GNU Mailman server.

password [<oldpassword> <newpassword>] [address=<address>]

Retrieve or change your password. With no arguments, this returns your current password. With arguments <oldpassword> and <newpassword> you can change your password.

If you're posting from an address other than your membership address, specify your membership address with `address=<address>' (no brackets around the email address, and no quotes!). Note that in this case the response is always sent to the subscribed address.

set ...

Set or view your membership options.

Use `set help' (without the quotes) to get a more detailed list of the options you can change.

Use `set show' (without the quotes) to view your current option settings.

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The next argument may be either: `nodigest' or `digest' (no quotes!).

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unsubscribe [password] [address=<address>]

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who <password>

See everyone who is on this mailing list. The roster is limited to list administrators and moderators only; you must supply the list admin or moderator password to retrieve the roster.

Commands should be sent to kg-request@KarmannGhia.org

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